Action movies of 2017 : Top 10

Action movies of 2017 : Top 10


RATE 4.8/5

Not much is easy about life in Ireland during the 13th century. However, circumstances becomes infinitely more difficult for a group of monks who are challenged with the goal of protecting a sacred relic while traveling across the country. Faced with mounting military and religious upheaval at every turn, they will begin to question everything that they know and hold dear. With the weight of a relatively new religion balancing precariously on their shoulders, they must fight for what they believe in.


RATE 4.4/5
It is World War II, and Allied forces are under attack by Germany. The setting is Dunkirk, France, and their only hope for survival is evacuation. Along the way, the beauty and resilience of the human spirit is tested. Allied forces have been outmaneuvered and outnumbered, but somehow find it within themselves to start plotting their great escape. With so many factors in play, it seems as though they will never make it. But with a lot of strategy and a little luck, just one chance emerges.


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

RATE 4.3/5

The infamous Captain Jack Sparrow is no stranger to trouble, and that trend continues while he searches for an ancient and powerful artifact, the Trident of Poseidon. Predictably, Captain Jack finds himself in yet another precarious position in his search for the Trident. A pirate crew of old rivals, the cursed Capitan Salazar and his fellow ghost pirates seek to escape from their prison in the depths of the Devil’s Triangle and find the Trident of Poseidon for themselves. With it, they plan to wrest control of the seven seas . Finally exact their plot of revenge against Captain Jack

Atomic Blonde

RATE 4.3/5
The Cold War isn’t an easy time for spies, and one woman is about to discover just how difficult it can be to crack Berlin. As an MI6 agent, it’s up to her to go to the German city and find out what happened to a former colleague who has disappeared. In order to do her job the right way, she’ll also need to find a list of double agents.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword


Arthur was a wild young man who ran amok through the forests surrounding Londonium. Throughout his entire life, he had no idea that he was from a royal family that had been betrayed by their subjects. When he was still very young, Arthur drew the sword Excalibur from a stone . So his royal heritage was revealed to him. But now he must find a way to dethrone the people who had killed his family and take back the crown that is rightfully his. With the help of a mysterious woman named Guinevere and her followers, Arthur puts together a band of knights to try and recapture the crown.

The Dark Tower

RATE 4.2/5

In this post-apocalyptic world, a man searches desperately for something that will enable him to hold onto the only life he has ever known. While everyone else is in pursuit of a man in black, this seeker is focused only upon how he can get to the Dark Tower. It’s up to him to make the final connection needed to save the last remnants of his life.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard

RATE 3.9/5

Few people would ever consider the fact that a hitman might need a bodyguard, but this situation quickly becomes a reality for one man who must testify in the international court system. Until his story is heard, the assassin must be kept alive. The problem is that his new bodyguard is driving him crazy. But if he’s going to testify, he’s going to need to pay attention to his new bodyguard in order to avoid the danger that lurks around every corner.

6 Days

RATE 3.7/5

April of 1980. Six armed gunmen break into the Iranian Embassy in London and hold 26 people hostage. They  demand the release of Iranian political prisoners. Over the next six days, the police negotiate with the gunmen for the release of the hostages. All the while preparing highly trained SAS soldiers to raid the Embassy and end the conflict in a bold move that has never been seen before in the history of the world.

Dead Again in Tombstone

RATE 3.4/5

Guerrero is a man who doesn’t let anything get in the way of him protecting what he holds most dear. Even death can’t stop him from guarding some very important ancient relics from a band of soldiers. This group of men has no idea what they’re up against. ¬†They are about to find out that Guerrero doesn’t mess around or mince words . The fact that he is dead only makes him even more powerful.


RATE 3.2/5

A guard beginning his first night at a mall in a seedy part of town opens the door to a terrified girl who ran from her hijacked cop motorcade that was transporting her to court where she was set to be a trial witness. Not far behind is the dangerous hijacker and his gang. He will take every measure possible to make sure they get rid of the witness who can bring them down.





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