Samsung KS9500 Review

Samsung KS9500

Samsung KS9500 Key Specification

Display Specs
Resolution 4K (2160 x 3840)
Screen Type Curved
Size Available 55” (UN55KS9500), 65” (UN65KS950), 78” (UN78KS9500)
Backlight Edge Lit
Dimming Supreme UHD Dimming with Precision Black
Ultra Black Yes
Ultra Clear Panel Ultimate
Peak Illuminator Pro
Color Technology Quantum Dot support 10 bit panel
4K Up-scaling UHD Up-Scaling
Motion rate Supreme MR240 (Native 120 Hz)
Smart TV
Platform Tizen OS
Processor Quad Core
Key Apps Full Browser, Cloud Games, Smart View, and more
Remote Samsung Smart Touch Remote (TM1650A)
Ethernet 1
RF (Terrestrial  Cable) 1
Bluetooth Yes
Channel 2.2
Speaker Type Down Firing w/Bass Reflex
Total Audio Output 60 Watts
Sound Effect DTS Premium Sound 5.1


Picture Quality

One of the strong points of Samsung KS9500 is about picture quality. To produce high quality images in HDR or SDR, it is powered by the number Samsung most advanced technologies and one of them is HDR 1000. It is a technology that has a task to handle HDR signals. As we know, to get HDR Premium label, a 4K TV must meet specific standardization that set by UHD Alliance. And with HDR 1000 technology and the supports of other technology like Supreme UHD Dimming, Precision Black, Ultra Black, and Peak Illuminator Ultimate, what produced by KS9500 really meet what standardized by UHD Alliance.

Samsung KS9500

Color performance also has a big impact on the HDR quality that produced. Talking about color of course we will talk about color gamut and depth of color. Fortunately, Samsung KS9500 is powered by quantum dot technology that can cover up to 93% DCI P3 color space. Of course, this meet the width of color gamut required by good HDR quality. In other hand, KS9500 also support 10 bit color, this means it can delivers more than 10 billion shades of color, far above 8 bit color that delivers about 16 millions shades of color only. As we know, the higher number of shades of color, the color gradation is smoother and color that created also looks more accurate.

UHD Up-scaling

From lowest model of Samsung UHD TV lineup to top model Samsung SUHD TV lineup, the performance of UHD Up-scaling Engine that offered by them are virtually identical, that is great. And we all know, most of the contents that available in the market still have 1080p to lower resolution, so it is one important aspect that should be considered in buying 4K TV. Moreover, with the advents of HDR, some contents creator will prefer to re-master their contents in HDR than 4K. The image resulted is clear and details as great as native 4K source. So does when the source is HD contents like from cable TV, the result looks clear and details and better than when you play them in full HD TV. Even from SD contents 480p, the result also still looks clear and details.

Samsung KS9500

Motion Clarity

One of the other important aspects that should be considered in buying 4K TV is about Motion Clarity. This has to do when it is displaying video contents with a lot of fast scenes like sport programs or fast movies. For this case, Samsung KS9500 is powered by Supreme Motion Rate 240 Hz based on native 120 Hz refresh rate panel. Compared to lower models Series 8, there is addition “Supreme” on Motion Rate 240. Actually, this has no big impact on its performance because the most important point that has great impact is about native frequency of their refresh rate panel. But at least, the result is slight better than what offered by KS8000 or KS8500 series.


Samsung KS9500There is no AV IN or Component IN as major connectivity of KS9500. But considering most of home entertainment media use HDMI or USB port as the major connectivity, of course this is not a big issue for this time.  And I think, 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports provided by KS9500 is quite enough to cover your devices.  But even so, if you need more HDMI or USB ports to cover your other devices, Samsung also has provided additional external connectivity called One Mini Box. The benefit, it is upgradable. This means if there is an upgraded on the version HDMI or other ports, you just need upgrade your box without buy new one. In addition to mentioned, there is also Ethernet port and Built-in WI-Fi as the connectivity for accessing internet. Additionally, there is also built-in Bluetooth that have multi functions.

Smart TV

Smart TV platform also becomes something “special” of Samsung KS9500. With Tizen OS that is pretty strong in all aspects of smart TV platform like Usability, Web Browser, Design, Extra Features, and Remote Control, it offers attractive smart TV Platform. So does about performance, with the support of Quad Processor behind it. It is also responsive and offers faster respond time than Samsung Smart TV platform featured by KU series. Compared to last year version, there are many changes that makes it is more responsive and easier to use.  As example on Smart Hub Menu, it has been upgraded and revamped so make you easier to organize your favorite apps. Web browser also was upgraded so works better than last year version. The new feature that is not less interesting is about Cloud Gaming. It allows you to play tons of Cloud Games without a console. Samsung KS9500


– Great HDR Perfomance
– Excellent Peak White and Contrast
– Solid Color Performance
– Responsive Smart TV
– Nice Physical Design


– Lacks of 3D Technology
– Smart Remote too small and no traditional clicker



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