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Assassin's Creed is published in 2007 , is a action-adventure stealth game published by Ubisoft . The character Desmont Miles who randomly has the gen of Altair


1.Assassin’s Creed . Altair Ibn-La’Ahad                                                                             Assassin’s Creed is published in 2007 , is a action-adventure stealth game published by Ubisoft . The character Desmont Miles who randomly has the gen of Altair , is capturet by Templars and synchronize in Animus to get the Altair’s memory in the past time . The animus can take Desmont back in time with Altairs memory who in the other side is one of the best assassins in his brotherhood , he is the one who stole the apple of iden and hide it . Desmont time after time gains power as ” Eagle Vision ” the combat techniques and technique of assassins blade . More                                                                                                             

1.Assassins Creed . Altair Ibn-La'Ahad
1.Assassins Creed . Altair Ibn-La’Ahad

2.Assassin’s Creed II , Ezio Auditore .                                                                             Assassin’s Creed II  is created by Ubisoft Montereal in 2009 and published by Ubisoft . Is the next episode of Assassin’s Creed series and this is not going to be the last , this is the begin of Ezio trilogy .   More                                                                                                                 

3.Assassins Creed Brotherhood .                                                                                     Assassin creed brotherhood became one of the most popular games in 2010 , and is developet by Ubisoft Montereal and publishet by Ubisoft . Assassins Creed brotherhood is the second episode of Assassins creed 2 with the lead role of Desmont Miles and Ezio Auditore.
Events and triology were created in the city of Rome, where ezio moved to create the brotherhood of assassins with their leader as Ezio’s mentor.  More                                                                                                                             4.Assassin’s Creed Revelations .                                                                                      “I have lived my life to the best of my ability. But I have not been able to escape fate, anger, or pain. Bring me the answers and the road that leads to the truth. Reveal to me once and for all, how all of this will end.” These are the words speaken from Ezio Auditore da Firence in Assassin’s Creed revelations trailer .  More                                                                                        

  5.Assassin’s Creed . Connor                                                                                              Assassin’s Creed III introduced the naval combat gameplay feature to the franchise in the same time is a new combat system with all diferent tecnique , style  with so many new weapons and fist technique , by allowing Ratonhnhaké:ton to take control of a ship named the Aquila in privateer contracts and sea-based memories. A map showing different naval engagements can be accessed either from the Harbormasters in each city or directly from the Homestead harbor. Each successful privateer contract reduced the risk of trading in that particular route. More                                                                                                             

6.Assassin’s Creed Black Flag ; Edward Kenway                                                            Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is set primarily on and around the islands in the Caribbean Sea during the Golden Age of Piracy in the early 18th century, with the three major cities consisting of Havana, Nassau, and Kingston. Like every new assassins creed games and this one have so much new stuf , charachters , story , weapons , chlothes , and a new world to explore . More                                                                                                                    

7.Assassin’s Creed III : Liberation                                                                                  “I seek liberty and freedom, not for myself, but for those whom such fundamental rights are denied. I am their shield, their sword, their only hope. The roads I travel are dark, but they bring me closer to the light. I move unseen and strike when they least expect it. I am Aveline de Grandpré. I am an Assassin.”―Aveline de Grandpré . More                                                   

8.Assassin’s Creed : Freedom Cry                                                                                    Freedom Cry is a single-player downloadable content addition for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. The DLC was released on 17 December 2013 for PSN and Xbox Live, and 19 December for PC. The content is available with the purchase of the Season Pass or as a standalone purchase, and its story spans over the course of 1735 to 1737 , More                                   

9. Assassin’s Creed : Rogue                                                                                              The primary locations in the game are New York, the Hudson River Valley and the North Atlantic Ocean, more specifically the area around Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, which is known as the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. The North Atlantic is an icy water-based region, where icebergs can be used as cover during naval combat, as well as broken to reveal frozen cargo and Animus data fragments. With the help of an ice-breaker ram, navigation is supplemented and additional secret areas can be reached. More                                                                        

10. Assassin’s Creed : Unity                                                                                              “It is sometimes hard to remember how easy life was, before the world changed. Now people are starving in the streets and those with the will to fight back are imprisoned… or worse. The life I had is gone. The world I knew with it. Amongst the violence, amongst the chaos, I will find justice no matter the cost. If we’ve been betrayed from within, I have to do this myself.”―Arno Victor Dorian. Assassin’s. More                                                                 

11. Assassin’s Creed : Syndicate                                                                                      “A different revolution is rising. More subtle. A blaze from the ashes of an old brotherhood. We shall rise. Street gangs will be our armies. The slums, our fortress. They say this is the modern era. I say, it’s time for a rebirth. And we shall lead the way.”―Jacob Frye  More       


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