How to Cheat Games with Cheat Engine .


Cheat engine is a app for all kind of windows XP  , Vista  , windows 7 , 8 , and 10  and is easy  cheat program for cheaters to use in all kind of games .

You can use cheat engine in every game online or games in your computer like Grand Theft Auto , Assassin’s Creed , Vice City , Rome Total War , Blood Stone 007  everything that have numbers you can dubles it .

Here is a Example how to use Cheat Engine in online games in Facebook , if you can cheat online games you can cheat every game in your pc that is not online .

First Step -1

Download Cheat Engine 6.6 is the newest one  . It is easy to find , just google it .

Will looks for something like that  , after you installed it will open this in your pc and you  cheating app is ready to use .

Second Step – 2 

Chose a Game and open it the game and the cheat engine should be open in the same time for example i chose to make some changes on Candy Crash Saga , is a great game and so many of my friends are in hight level  , i will try to make some changes to make the game easy for me to reach them . Open the Game

my number of moves are limited , after i make one move they low to 11 and after another in 10 so  with cheat engine i can change it to infinity and i can get all the time i want to finish the quest , the other step is to open the cheat engine and click the pc icon .  And the the game you actually playing in Google Chrome in pc Facebook Gameroom or anything else  .


After you Chose the disponsible app in value and , Hex and scan will show something like this , that make you understand that you are on the game records and values .

Third Step – 3 

Type the number of value you want to change example i want to change the moves , i type 12 in Hex space and than click for the first scan , the first scan show’s you all values in game with 12 number  .

This values dont make any sence for you becouse are yo many to chose who is the ”moves” records , so you get another move in game and change it from 12 moves to 11 , just make another move so they can low .

Than go in cheat engine and change again the Hax value from 12 to 11 and click “Next Scan”.


Then you may see that the records are much lower that in first scan , if you think that are again so many records just repeat and make another move  from 11 to 10  and click again next scan .



Than in the end you may change the record and the Value . for the finishing move after you finished with cheat engine just make a single move so the new value come to it  the infinite .

In final step in game you may see number and infinite moves , but remember you can change every number that you want to change in game .

Image result for candy crush infinite moves

The Cheat Engine works better in games that are installed in Pc , much better than online games  , becouse online games are 24/7 watched by servers and the success of cheating is low  , for a second you may think you made it but after you refresh the page the movements and records are no more avible , but it pc games you can cheat it and with no longer problems . Every money , experience , levels , wepons ,  bullet number just in the same way and is so easy to use  . Enjoy It . Its your Chose .


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