LG OLED55C8PUA Sound Quality

LG OLED55C8PUA Sound Quality


The LG OLED55C8PUA Sound Quality is a great 4k OLED TV with excellent picture quality. The emissive technology allows it to produce perfect blacks, which is excellent for dark rooms. The image also remains accurate when viewed at an angle, which is great for those with wide seating. It performs well with HDR content, as it can produce very bright and saturated highlights. The motion handling and input lag are also excellent, so it feels very responsive to gamers or PC users. It isn’t perfect though, as the brightness changes depending on the screen content and static images shouldn’t be shown for long on the TV due to temporary image retention and the risk of burn-in.

Sound Quality

The LG C8 has an above-average sound quality. This TV gets pretty loud and has a bass with a good amount of punch and body. It also has a pretty well-balanced mid and treble ranges, which is important for producing clear dialogs. However, its bass is not extended enough to produce the thump and rumble common to film scores and sound effects, it doesn’t have a self-calibrating system for room correction, and produces a bit of pumping and compression artifacts under maximum load. For a better sound, dedicated sound bars are recommended.

Frequency Response

The LG C8 has an above-average frequency response. The LFE (low-frequency extension) is at 64Hz, which is also above-average and much improved over last year’s model, the C7. This means that the bass won’t be able to produce any thump or rumble, but it’ll have a decent amount of punch and body to it.  Additionally, this TV does pretty loud, and doesn’t produce too much pumping and compression artifacts under maximum load.

Low-Frequency Extension : 63.50 Hz
Std. Dev. @ 70 : 3.86 dB
Std. Dev. @ 80 : 4.09 dB
Std. Dev. @ Max : 5.00 dB
Dynamic Range Compression : 3.73 dB


The C8 has a decent distortion performance. The THD response is rather elevated, which is typical of most TVs and doesn’t increase too much under maximum load either.

Weighted THD @ 80 : 0.078
Weighted THD @ Max : 0.547
IMD @ 80 : 3.06 %
IMD @ Max : 7.68 %


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