LG UH6550 Review

LG UH6550

LG UH6550 Key Specification

Display Specs
Resolution 4K (2160 x 3840)
Screen Type Flat
Size Available 55” (55UH6550), 60” (60UH6550), 65 inch (65UH6550)
Panel Type IPS
Backlight Type Edge Lit
Local Dimming No
Picture Engine UHD Mastering Engine
HDR HDR Pro (HDR 10)
Tru Black Panel Yes
Ultra Luminance Yes
Color Technology Color Prime Pro
4K Up-scaling Tru 4K Up-Scaler
Motion rate TruMotion 120Hz (native 60 Hz)
Smart TV
Platform WebOS 3.0
Features Full Browser, LG Content Store, Magic Mobile Connection, etc
Remote Basic Remote (Magic Remote Ready)
HDMI 3 (HDCP 2.2)
Ethernet 1
RF (Terrestrial  Cable) 1
Composite In (AV) 1
Component In 1
Wi-Fi Built In 802.11 a/c
Channel 2.0
Total Audio Output 20 Watts


Picture Quality

he use of IPS panel may make black level and contrast of UH6550 is not so strong, but in other hand, it makes the quality of the picture looks more consistent from side viewing angle. If usually on VA TV, the picture will start to deteriorate at 20 degrees off center and front, at wider side viewing angle, the picture displayed on the screen of LG UH6550 looks more consistent. This give a benefit when it is used in a wide room with viewers come from multiple viewing angle.

LG UH6550

From all display specs offered by LG UH6550, we can know LG UH6550 offer good picture quality just when it is inputted by normal or SDR content and used in a well lit room. This is also great TV when used in a wide room due its good side viewing angle. But when used in a dark room, the contrast and black level is not strong enough. In other hand, although it is already supports HDR, but its HDR performance is limited. You might see improvement when watch HDR contents, but the improvement is not too significant over SDR contents. But even so, considering its cheap price, picture quality offered by LG UH6550 can be said well. Moreover, there is no TV in its class that certified by Ultra HD Premium and can display HDR 10 contents fully. So about its limited HDR performance, it is not alone.

Motion Handling and 24p Play Back

For handling motion blur and 24p contents, LG UH6550 is powered by TruMotion 120 Hz technology based on native 60Hz native refresh rate panel.  The result, pixel response time is too high so when it is used for watching fast moving images like sports program or fast movies, there is motion blur noticeable following fast moving objects. This makes UH6550 is not a good TV when used for watching sports or other fast moving images. In other hand, it offers good performance when displaying 24p contents. This means when it used for playing movies from Blu ray Player, there is no judder noticeable. But unfortunately, when displaying 24p movies via 60i signals like satellite TV or 60p signals likes streaming media, its performance is not as good as when displaying 24p from Blu ray. This mean, when displaying 24p contents via 60i or 60p signals, judder cannot be removed completely.


LG UH6550 As their connectivity, LG UH6550 is equipped with 3 HDMI ports, 2 SUB Ports and other inputs/outputs like AV IN (Composite In), Component In, RF In (Antenna), Ethernet, and others. I think its inputs/outputs are quite enough to cover your other electronics devices. Additionally, its HDMI ports also already supports what required for HDMI connection for this time like HDCP 2.2, CEC, Audio return Channel, and more. Input lags of their HDMI ports is also low at 1080p and 4K signals once you activated “Game Mode”.  But unfortunately, when inputted by HDR signals, its input lag is too high. This makes LG UH6550 is good TV when used for playing video games, whether it is 1080p games or 4K games. But when it used for HDR games, the games will be felt laggy.

Smart TV

As a cheap TV, Smart TV that offered by LG UH6550 is very attractive and responsive. Moreover it comes with WebOS 3.0 as the best smart TV platform in 2016. User interface is designed very simple and user friendly that makes it is comfortable and easy to use. Additionally, performance is also very fast and responsive. Once an app is launched, it will load and open quickly. The selecting between different menus is also straightforward and feel responsive. Additionally, apps which provided are also very complete. There are VoD (Video on Demand) apps like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and more, Web browser, LG Contents Store, and many more. As the controller, LG UH6550 is only equipped with basic remote in the box. But even so, if you want to buy “LG Magic Remote” separately, it is ready for it.

LG UH6550


– Good Side Viewing Angle
– Good UHD Up-scaling Engine
– Attractive and Responsive WebOS


– Dark Room Performance is poor
– Limited HDR Performance
– Motion Handling is not too good

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