Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord Review

Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord Review

Mount and Blade 2

Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord Review

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is an upcoming medieval action role-playing game developed by TaleWorlds Entertainment. The game was announce in 2012. It is a prequel to the 2010 game Mount & Blade: Warband. The game is tentatively schedule to be release in 2017 for Microsoft Windows.


Bannerlord will include at least eight major factions, each composed of competing clans with their own goals, as well as minor warband factions like mercenaries. The Northern, Western, and Southern Empire factions use a balance of heavy cavalry, spearmen, and archers. The Calradic Empire was a once significant empire that is now fighting a three-way civil war, they are experts in archery and heavily armor cataphract cavalry.

Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord Review

The Vlandians are a feudal kingdom specializing in heavy cavalry tactics. The Sturgians of the northern forests specialize in axe and sword equipp infantry. The Aserai of the southern desert are adept at both cavalry and infantry tactics. The Khuzait of the eastern steppe specialize in ranged cavalry. The Battanians of the central woodlands specialize in ambushes with archers from the trees and are inspire by Welsh, Pictish, and Celtic cultures.

Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord Review

The game is set 200 years before Mount & Blade: Warband, taking place during the decline of the Calradian Empire, and the formation of the Kingdoms that appear in the previous games. The Calradian Empire and its downfall are analogous to the fall of the Roman Empire and the formation of the early Middle Eastern, North African, and European kingdoms. The armor, weapons and architecture will draw inspiration from 600 to 1100 A.D. Furthermore, there are many different vassals which serve the Kingdom the way they do.



In September 2012, TaleWorlds Entertainment announce that the game was in development and release a teaser trailer for it.

The game’s graphics have been significantly improved from its predecessor,Mount & Blade: Warband, having better shading and higher detail models. The character animations are create utilizing motion capture technology and the facial animations will also be update to improve upon the portrayal of emotions.

Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord Review

Gameplay relate features are also being upgrade with a new inventory interface and better artificial intelligence. The siege system is also being improve base on player feedback, with additional tactics being available during sieges. The current state of the game and various features were showcase during the 2015 Gamescom trade fair. Other game is upcoming in 2018 is The Crew 2 Gameplay 2018 Upcoming Game


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