Mystery Case Files: RAVENHEARST


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Mystery case files: Ravenhearst  is a game containing  hidden objects  in rooms ,making puzzles and solving traps.So level after level the player discovers the history which is hided on the puzzles.This game is developed by Big Fish Studio and distributed by Big Fish Games .People can find it on the website of Big Fish Games .


The Queen of the England  requested the player’s help in order to discover the mystery in and around Ravenhearst .The player needs  to accomplish the dairy belonging to Emma Ravenhearst ,finds the missing pages, and solves the mystery.

Emma ,a young girl from Iowa ,after being graduated arrived  in Blackpool.There she got hired at a school as a teacher .A month later ,September 1894 she met a handsome man called Charles Dalimar ,who later proposed to her .She  declined the proposal but he kept on coming back latter with roses  .He told her that he had purchased a tract of land and was building a manor.First  a workman died ,leaving behind his wife and the children.Then she took a letter from her sister that her father was ill.She made plan to leave but fall ill . So Charles moved her in to the manor and took care after her.

Unfortunately,Emma’s health kept on falling and started watching nightmares where she was wearing a white bridal dress .She told Rosa (a women taking care of Emma) about those or wrote them in her dairy.Charles started reading books with black magic and his behavior  was very suspicious.When Rose discovers a dress similar to the one Emma wore in her nightmare, they both  believed that Charles is trying to harm them.

The last entry to the diary  dated “Today” is written by the ghost of Emma. It haunts the manor. It urges the player to find seven keys hidden throughout the manor, and visit the cellar to open the cellar door .It is  implied that Charles has murdered Emma in fear of abandonment. The skeleton dissolves as Emma’s spirit is freed from the manor.


Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst

The player soon discovers that the spirit of Charles Dalimar is desperate because Emma is now free of the Manor’s curse. The player returns to the manor, but soon discovers that  there is still a section of the manor unexplored .The player has to uncover the secret of what happened to Charles after he murdered Emma, and put a stop to his psychotic obsession.It was released on November 27, 2008 exclusively at Big Fish Games.

Mystery Case Files: Escape From Ravenhearst

It is the eighth installment of the Mystery Case Files , released on  November 23, 2011. Some residents in Blackpool, have gone missing around Ravenhearst Manor and the player must return and search for the missing residents.


Mystery Case Files: Key to Ravenhearst

It is the twelfth installment in the series. The player  must return to the resurrected manor in order to solve a new mystery about Charle’s children. They  cast a young man  under their spell in order to force him rebuilt the Manor,and converting it into museum.The player must attempt to solve the mystery of the new manor in order to stop the twin sisters’ plans before it is too late.



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