Play Nintendo Old Games On Your PC Virtual Nes


Do you have any memories form your old childhood , Super Mario or Duck Hunt . You can easy install some emulator on Windows and play like you had in old times . follow this steps .

Nintendo Emulator

Play Nintendo Old Games On Your PC

How to play old Nintendo games on your Computer easily

To play these games on your PC, follow these simple steps:

1. Download the VirtuaNES emulator. You can also try any other emulator available on the internet but I will recommend this one.

Here’s the link: VirtuaNES

2. Now, Extract all the files to a specified folder. This is a easy way to play Nintendo games. Just follow the steps .

3. Configure environment settings on VirtuaNES. The settings includes graphics, sound as well as controllers for mapping the buttons of the game pad to our keyboard keys.

4. Now Click on File — Open.

5. You can also save state for pause and resume purpose. The state can be loaded easily.

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All games are include in the emulator you don’t need to download anything more .


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