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Roli  SeaBoard 

Roli Seaboard


ROLI is a London-based music technology company known for the Seaboard, BLOCKS, and other high tech musical instruments. It was founded by the American-born musician, designer and entrepreneur Roland Lamb in 2009. Its first instrument, the Seaboard,is based on the piano keyboard. The Seaboard has a continuous surface of pliable silicone rather than the hard, discrete keys of a piano. The instrument introduced ways for musicians to play “in between” the keys of a standard piano.

A player can bend the pitch of a note by making vibrato-like sideways movements, deepens a sound by pressing into the surface, and in other ways manipulate sound through touch. The Seaboard’s touch technology was adapted for BLOCKS,a consumer-oriented music device, in 2016. The company develops both hardware and software.

In addition to its musical instruments and devices it created the NOISE app and the Equator software synthesizer. It also owns the C++ audio coding framework JUCE, the virtual instruments maker FXpansion, and the social music-sharing platform Blend.

Roli SeaBoard

                              Function . 

  • Seaboard GRAND: a premium synthesizer with an embedded sound engine and a pliable, touch-sensitive “keywave surface.”The Seaboard GRAND appeared in the Oscar-winning film “La La Land.”
  • Seaboard RISE: a MIDI controller with a pliable “keywave surface” similar to that of the Seaboard GRAND, though it is smaller and has additional functions
  • ROLI BLOCKS: a modular music-making system composed of musical controllers that connect magnetically and via Bluetooth
  • Lightpad Block: a musical touchpad with a pliable surface similar to the Seaboard. The main Block in the ROLI BLOCKS system
  • NOISE: a music-making app for iOS devices. Also the software system for ROLI BLOCKS
  • Equator: a software synthesizer and sound engine for the Seaboard GRAND and Seaboard RISE.

This is the best platform for anyone who like to play music , and every kind of it  , Roli  is on o the rarest platform that you can take in any place .


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