Rome Total War . Strategy Game


Rome Total War is one of the best strategy games of all time . The game developet and relased by The  Creative Assembly and relised in 2004 . The game main campaign is set during the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire . In gameplay campaign you may chose one of these Factions to control : Romans , the house of Julii , Brutii or Scipii  , Carthage , Macedon , Iceni  , Arverni , Suebi , Gaul , Germania ,Egypt , Greece ,Seleucid Empire and Parthia . You may rule the  settelments of your own faction or maybe you can invasion the all World .

The battels between two factions or more if you have any alliance between another faction , are made with the full control of army with your strategy desire , or if you think that your army is much stronger that the army of the enemy you may choose automatly resolve of battle and the chance for Victory of Defeat is in the hand of the Game and in Statistic of battle .

Agents and Diplomats 

Agents and Diplomats in Rome are considered the most important individuals . Spy’s have the power of stealth they can enter in any factions and General army to see the strength in settelment of your enemy or in a enemy General  to open the citys gates so your  army may enter easly . The Assassins may eleminate Generals , Kings and Diplomats , they are more effective in diplomatics eleminations  , assassinations of Generals and Kings are hard to acomplished .

Diplomats in the other side have the power to declare war or alliance by your command , to trade rights with another factions , to bride rebels and other generals , offering deals and negociate for sattlement trade with money  or generals to join your Force and your Faction .

Cities and Buildings 

Cities have a variety of buldings that may be build and upgraded example such as : temples , aqueduts , ampitheatres which increase the people’s happines , markets increase the citi financials contribution , academies produce effective family members . Upgrade wall’s and you can make more effective and resistant agains the enemy . The bad manage of a city may cost the lost of finances or rise a revolutionary rebelation who makes you to lost the citi and not take any control of it .

When the player’s army meets an army in field 3D real-time is started , and tactical strategy is on your chose to control the battle , so  be careful and Defense before you Attack .

System Requirements

  1. OS : XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
  2. Processor : 2 GHz Intel Dual Core / 2.6 GHz Intel Single Core.
  3. Ram :  2 GB RAM ( 3 recommended)
  4. Graphics : 512 MB DirectX 9.0c compatible card (shader model 3, vertex texture fetch support)
  5. DiretX : 9.0c
  6. Hard Drive :  35 GB HD space.
  7. Screen Resolution : 1024:768


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