Samsung Q8C Review

Samsung Q8C

Samsung Q8C key Specs

Display Specs
Resolution 4K (2160 x 3840)
Screen Type Curved
Size Available 55 Inch (QN55Q8C), 65 Inch (QN65Q8C), 75 Inch (QN75Q8C)
Backlight Edge-Lit LED
Local Dimming Yes (Precision Black Pro)
Picture Engine Q Engine
Dimming Technology Supreme UHD Dimming
Ultra Black Yes
Depth Enhancer Technology Auto Depth Enhancing
Peak Illuminator Yes (Pro)
Ultra Clear Panel Yes
Black Technology Q | 4K Elite Black
Color Technology Q | 4K Color Drive Elite (Quantum Dot)
HDR Q | 4K HDR Elite
HDR Format HDR 10 and HLG (via upcoming software update)
4K Up-scaling UHD Up-Scaling
Motion Technology Motion Rate 240
Native Refresh Rate Panel 120 Hz
Ultra Clear Panel Yes
Smart TV
Platform Tizen OS 2017
Processor Quad Core
Key Apps Full Browser, Cloud Games, Smart View, and more
Remote Samsung Smart Remote (TM1790A)
Ethernet Yes
Component No
RF (Terrestrial  Cable) 1
Built In Wi-Fi Yes
Channel 4.2
Speaker Type Front Firing
Total Power 60 watts
Sound Effect DTS Premium Sound 5.1


Picture Quality

Samsung Q8C has varied peak brightness, depending on the source. Nevertheless, overall, although not as bright as the brighter TV like Sony X930E or Z9D, its peak brightness is still quite bright to fight the glare, even in a room with very bright indoor light or sunny windows. And paired to its good reflections handling, this makes the picture displayed looks consistently well when set in a bright room. On the other hand, the local dimming of Q8C might not work fairly well when improving the contrast ratio, but it is very effective to brighten small area so looks brighter more than the larger areas, makes highlights of HDR images of HDR images looks fairly bright.

Samsung Q8C

One of the advantages of Samsung Q8C as a part of Samsung QLED TV is about its color reproduction where its color gamut is including the widest among TVs in 2017. With Samsung’s advanced quantum dot panel that supported by Q 4K Color Drive Elite technology, this makes Q8C can deliver nearly perfect color gamut in DCI P3 color space. This means, almost colors in DCI P3 color space can be shown properly by Q8. Additionally, it also can cover colors in Rec.2020 color space fairly well. If most of modern TVs struggle to show deep green fairly saturated, Samsung Q8C has no issue when showing this color. The result, color of the picture displayed on the screen of Q8C looks very accurate, even when it is displaying HDR images that mastered in wide color gamut. Additionally, its color volume is also including the best.

Motion Handling and 24p Playback

Samsung Q8CFor delivering smooth and clear picture quality when it is used for watching fast moving images like sports program or fast movies, Samsung Q8C is powered by Motion Rate 240 based on native 120 Hz refresh rate panel.  As the motion blur, there is only a short trail following fast moving object where most o people might not notice about that. Compare to other LED TVs, its performance even can be said the best for LED TVs. Meanwhile, when used for playing 24p movies, Samsung Q8C also offers great performance. No matter the sources, whether it is 24p videos like Blu Ray Movies, 24p videos via 60i signals like movies from Satellite TV, or even 24p videos vie 60p signal like movies from Streaming devices, all of them are shown clearly and smoothly with judder-free.


Samsung Q8CLike most of premium TVs which available in the market, Samsung Q8C is also equipped with 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports as its major connectivity. Its HDMI ports already support most of formats like HDCP 2.2, CEC, Audio return Channel, and more. IN addition to HDMI and USB, there are also 1 Ethernet, 1 RF In (Terrestrial), and 1 Digital Audio Out (Optical). But since it doesn’t have Component IN and Composite In (AV IN), if you want connect your old devices where these AV IN or Component IN as their major connectivity, you need an external adapter that you can buy separately. The other difference to TVs from other manufacturers, most of their inputs/outputs are located on separated box called “One Connect Box”. Meanwhile, discussing about its input lag, Samsung Q8C has excellent low input lag at any source under “Game Mode” and “PC Mode’.

Smart TV

Samsung Q8C features Tizen OS 2017 as its smart TV platform and powered by a fast quad core processor. Compared to last year model, there is an overhaul on its design where in this model, it comes with white theme and nicer animation, make its appearance is nicer. Nevertheless, it is still very easy to use with a simple navigation. The core of Tizen OS is the Smart Hub where on its home screen, there is a ribbon contains quick access to many popular and important apps and features, allow you to launch them without leaving the home screen.  Meanwhile, talking about apps provided, it comes with a lot of preinstalled apps like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Videos, Web browser, Live TV, and many more.

Samsung Q8C


– Exceptional Rendition of Color
– Strong Native Contrast Ratio and Good Black Uniformity
– Good Motion Handling
– Low Input Lag
– Certified by Ultra HD Premium Certification
– Attractive and responsive Smart TV Platform


– Limited Side Viewing Angle



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