Samsung QE65Q9F QLED TV Review.

.Samsung QE65Q9F QLED TV REVIEW: The next innovation in TV

New Samsung QE65Q9F QLED TV (REVIEW) is Samsung’s best-selling TV set.                         The  Samsung QE65Q9F QLED TV (REVIEW) is at the top of the list and is at the most competitive price


  • What is the Samsung QE65Q9FAM QLED TV (REVIEW)?

The QE65Q9FAM is Samsung’s flagship 65-inch TV for 2017, and the first chance we’ve had to delve into the brand’s new QLED technology. In other words, it’s a pretty big deal.                Samsung QE65Q9F has setting new HDR standards and ensuring that QLED technology adds another exciting twist to the eternal LCD versus QLED debate. Finally, a perfect image quality, in all areas, without any compromise.A TV that knows how to adapt to your interior! A TV Able to give  you what you love to look, right away and in the best quality!  Like all Smart TVs, it allows you to Receive CHANNEL without decoder, without cable and with a single remote control.



Discover an exceptionally rich color experience:The Samsung QE65Q9F  QLED TV                                   features Quantum Dot technology. It allows it to reproduce the entire color spectrum used on the shooting and calibration of  cinema films. You have the certainty to rediscover the nuances  of colors desired by filmmakers.

Compatible with HDR, your TV is capable of offering images an  exceptional brightness, in shaded areas and in clear areas:   blacks are blacker, whites whiter. The quality of detail of the  Ultra HD resolution is accentuated. Your immersion is total and accompanied by an audio system 4.2!


The Samsung QE65Q9F has a One Connect box. External to the                                   screen, it gathers all the connections and no more cable runs to                                         the screen. The rendering is perfect for a screen hanging on the                                       wall. In this case you will find 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports and TNT,                                   cable or satellite antenna inputs.

Connected to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, your TV is perfectly suited to                                     connect to multiple applications and devices. The Smart Hub                                     navigation menu will give you access to multiple online services,                                     such as Netflix, YouTube or games, in an intuitive way and perfectly                         adaptable to all your habits

Key Features of the Samsung QE65Q9F QLED TV

LCD TV with LED backlight with QLED
Diagonal: 163 cm (64 “) • 10-bit
Ultra HD Premium TV: 3840 x 2160
Fluidity: 200 Hz (Auto Motion Plus) (3400 Picture Quality Index)
Smart TV: Q Smart – Smart Hub • Multimedia player • Recorder
TV Connected: Internet Browser • HbbTV • Wi-Fi • SoundShare (Proprietary) • DLNA
Special processing: HDR (HDR10)
Series / Design: ZERO + (Frame Edge) / 4 Bezel-less / Solid Slim
TV ready for DTT HD (MPEG4 compatible): YES!
See the following mini-folder for more information on Smart TV features.

Introducing the Samsung QE65Q9F QLED TV REVIEW

Designation: SAMSUNG QE65Q9F QLED TV(QE 65Q9FAM TXXC)                                         More information about Samsung LED TVSee TV 4K (Ultra HD or Quad HD)                         Date of release (approx.): April 2017

Samsung QE65Q9F QLED TV Specifications

 Format / Standard:Ultra HD Premium: Resolution of 3840×2160 min + 24p / 25p / 30p /   50p / 60p + HDCP 2.2 + HDR.
Explanations for the Ultra HD Premium

Slab : 10-bit slab                                                                                          Backlight: LED (LCD LED)                                                                                                     Type: Edge LED
Backlighting by white LEDs placed on the sides of the screen (slim screen).                           QLED technology (quantum dot)                                                                                           More information Samsung QE65Q9F QLED TV                                                            Aspect ratio: 16:9                                                                                                  Visible area: 163 cm (64″)                                                                    Resolution: 3840 x 2160                                                                                        Contrast Ratio: “Mega Contrast”

Samsung QE65Q9F QLED TV General Features

Rotation adjustment: NO                                                                                 Compatible Wall Mount: 400 x 400 mm


Processor: Quad Core                                                                                                 Video processing: HDR processing (High Dynamic Range): “Q HDR 2000” (HDR10 compatible)                                                                                                               Image processing: Treatments for motion management:                                                   – Images: 100Hz
– Images + Backlight: Auto 200Hz Motion Plus
– Manufacturer fluidity index: PQI 3400 (Picture Quality Index)                           Explanations on the 200Hz technology (index 3400)                                                             Progressive Scan: Progressive scan in one pass
Engine Q Engine (ensures a perfect display)
Micro Dimming Supreme UHD with Precision Black Ultimate
Quantum Dot (richer colors, closer to reality)
Q Viewing Angle (extended viewing angles)
Peak Illuminator Ultimate
Q Color (100% of Color Volume)
Q Contrast Ultimate
Ultra Clean View
Ultra Black (a glowing image with little reflection and more contrast)
Contrast Enhancer (intelligently applies several levels of contrast optimization)                       Other video info / images:     Image Adjustment Information:                                           Display format (16: 9, custom or 4: 3)                                                                                




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