Samsung QN65Q9FN review

Samsung QN65Q9FN review

The Samsung QN65Q9FN is the brand new 4KTV you should buy if you want a top-of-the-line 65-inch or 75-inch QLED television. Its contrast ratio is starting to approach that of OLED displays, and it’s all thanks to its FALD screen. Its slick nearly cable-free design and new Ambient Mode are aesthetically pleasing, though the price is hard to swallow.

Specifications Samsung QN65Q9FN

Display Type LED
Internet Connection Ethernet / Wireless Built-In
Internet Connectivity Samsung Apps
Internet Browser Yes
Internet Video Vudu, YouTube, Hulu,
Internet Audio Pandora
Native Resolution 4K Ultra HD
Refresh Rate Motion Rate 240
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Tuner ATSC, Clear – QAM,
Display Resolution 3840 x 2160
Backlight Full Array LED
Computer Input PC Thru HDMI
Component Input 1
Digital Audio Out Optical
RF Antenna Input 1
Built-In Speakers Yes
USB Input Yes
Stand Table Top
Multilingual Menu English, French, Spanish,
V-Chip Parental Control Yes
Remote Control One Remote
VESA Mounting Pattern 400 x 400
Height 37.8 in
Width 62.7 in
Weight 90 lbs 6.4 oz
Depth 7.7 in
Height 34.1 in
Width 57.1 in
Weight 62 lbs 12.8 oz
Depth 14.2 in
TV Without Stand
Height 32.7 in
Width 57.1 in
Weight 58 lbs 14.4 oz
Depth 1.5 in


The Samsung QN65Q9FN takes on Samsung’s boundless design ethos that reduces the thin bezels to the point that you’re only seeing what’s on the screen, not the distracting frame.

It’s like a super-sized Galaxy S9 with Samsung’s unmistakable ‘Infinity Display.’ The company also incorporates what it calls a 360 design, just in case you want to marvel at the bumpy back. That’s aesthetically pleasing too, riding the television of an plain industrial look in back.

Samsung bundles the Q9FN with its No Gap Wall Mount that makes the skinny bezel look like you’re staring at a floating picture all day. But you can get ever artsier with the stands: Its Studio Stand puts the television on a big easel, while the Gravity Stand lets you swivel the TV on what looks like a minimalistic upside down metal funnel. Both are separate purchases.

Performance Samsung QN65Q9FN

All of Samsung’s new QLED televisions look impressive, but it’s the Q9FN that stands ahead of the 2018 lineup. And for good reason – it has the bleeding-edge tech for the ultimate picture.Samsung QN65Q9FN

It has exclusive perks you won’t find on Samsung’s lower-end QLEDs this year: more full-array local dimming zones and the new Q HDR EliteMax.

We need to see more of it outside of Samsung’s looped video demos, but it’s clear the Q9FN is going to offer you peak brightness at 2,000 nits, yet the deepest blacks outside of an OLED.

We also enjoyed Samsung’s app-like interface, which is further polished by the fact that content is now grouped together more naturally. This is because its new Universal Guide can pair shows from different streaming platforms into one menu. Coming in a few months, you’ll also be able to sync apps from your phone into your TV and automatically be logged in.Samsung QN65Q9FN

New this year is Samsung’s intelligent voice assistant, Bixby, a familiar Siri-like helper for anyone who has tried a recent Galaxy smartphone. Bixby on your TV can find content, answer questions, and even change the channel for you. Samsung’s interface has come a long way.


Samsung’s most interesting new feature in its 2018 QLED TVs is Ambient Mode. It’s a new trick that has the screen absorb characteristics of the wall behind it to blend in  like a chameleon.

We got to demo a Q9FN against a brick wall design, matching the exact pattern that was behind the screen. It’s all done through image analysis by taking a picture with a phone. Because of the low-power state, Ambient Mode can stay on without racking up a huge energy bill.

Ambient Mode is more than just for decoration, as cool as that is. It can also display photos and information cards for news and weather. There’s even the ability to add faint background music. All of this is much more exciting than seeing a blank television screen when not in use.

Further driving home that picture-on-a-wall effect is Samsung’s improved one cable solution. Its 2018 QLED televisions can now supply both power and A/V content through a 5m or 15m cable, or as Samsung refers to it ‘an invisible connection.’ It’s very close to that.

Don’t worry if you want to plug everything directly into the back of TV. You can still do that with four HDMI ports, 3 USB ports and an optical out port and ethernet port for good measure.




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