Samsung UN55MU6290 Design

Samsung UN55MU6290 Design


The Samsung UN55MU6290 Design is an entry-level 4K smart LCD TV. It’s quite versatile thanks in part to its high contrast which gives it decent picture quality in a dark room. Its input lag is also quite low, making it a good choice for gaming. Unfortunately, its picture quality is greatly reduced when viewed at an angle, and it lacks support for modern features like a wide color gamut and local dimming.


The design of the Samsung MU6290 is good. From the front, it looks the same as the MU6300 and very similar to the MU6500 but without the curve. The stand has a relatively small footprint but still supports the TV well and feels stable. The inputs are all easy to access from the side, which is good.


The V-shaped stand of the Samsung MU6290 has quite a small footprint but still supports the TV well. The plastic connection between the stand and the rear of the TV has some flex, so the TV will wobble a bit if knocked. It appears identical to the MU6300.

Footprint of the 55″ TV stand: 12.1″ x 33.2″


The rear of the TV has a textured plastic finish which looks quite good. All of the inputs are directed out the side of the TV, which is good as they are still easy to access if placed close to a wall.


Borders : 0.67″ (1.7 cm)

The borders of this Samsung TV have an average thickness. They are quite simple and made of plastic.


Max Thickness : 2.56″ (6.5 cm)

When viewed from the side, the TV has an average thickness. The TV does stick out a bit if placed close to a wall, however, with the stand removed this isn’t an issue and the TV sits flush.


The TV stays fairly cool under prolonged use, though it does get warm to the touch in a few places along the back. The bottom of the TV is lined with vents to help keep it cool, and there are vents in several places on the back.

  • Maximum Temperature : 97 °F (36 °C)
  • Average Temperature : 91 °F (33 °C)

Build Quality

The build quality of the TV is decent. All of the parts are made of plastic, but the textured finish is a nice touch. The stand does feel a bit cheap, similar to the MU6300 and KU6300.


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