Samsung UN55MU6290 Smart Features

Samsung UN55MU6290 Smart Features


The Samsung UN55MU6290 Smart Features is an entry-level 4K smart LCD TV. It’s quite versatile thanks in part to its high contrast which gives it decent picture quality in a dark room. Its input lag is also quite low, making it a good choice for gaming. Unfortunately, its picture quality is greatly reduced when viewed at an angle, and it lacks support for modern features like a wide color gamut and local dimming.

Smart Features

The Samsung MU6290 runs Samsung’s 2017 Tizen smart platform, also called Smart Hub. The interface is easy to use and the Samsung app store has more apps than many other smart platforms, but there are sometimes ads in the home menu, and the MU6290 can only use the basic Samsung remote without voice control.

Update 01/04/2018: Bluetooth can be enabled in the TV’s service menu, allowing the use of the Samsung smart remote (not included) and its voice control, as well as Bluetooth headphones.


The center of the interface is the Smart Hub itself, which gives access the rest of the interface like apps and inputs; this makes the TV easy to navigate because everything is all in one place. Users can also use dedicated buttons on the remote like Settings and Inputs to jump directly to those sections, which saves time. The second row of the Smart Hub shows suggested content and quick settings, which can also save time if they suggest what you’re looking for. Navigating the interface is mostly smooth often inconsistent; sometimes animations will stutter and button presses will lag, and other times everything runs smoothly.


The TV didn’t show any ads during testing, however, ads are often inconsistent on Samsung TVs. It can be assumed that the MU6290 has ads because all Samsung TVs since 2016 have had ads, and ads were seen on many 2017 Samsung TVs during our testing such as the Q7F.

Apps and Features

The TV comes preloaded with a few popular apps such as YouTube and Google Play Video. Many more apps can be downloaded from the Samsung app store, including Netflix and Amazon Video. The Samsung app store has more apps than most other smart platforms, but not as many as the Google Play Store of Android TVs. The MU6290’s apps run fairly smoothly with little lag or frame drops.


Unlike the Samsung MU6300, the MU6290 does not come with the Samsung smart remote and can’t be used with the one from another Samsung TV. Instead, the MU6290 comes with a basic Samsung remote similar to that of the MU6100. The remote is fairly light and has a curved back for a nice in-hand feel, but its rubber chunk buttons aren’t as easy to press as the buttons on many other remotes. One advantage this remote has over the Samsung smart remote is that it has many more buttons, including dedicated settings and input buttons, which can save time when interacting with the TV when not using voice control.

Remote App

The Samsung SmartView app offers a few useful features such as streaming files off the device running the app, but it also lacks some features like text entry that are found on other smart TV apps. Also, the SmartView app doesn’t offer voice control with this TV like it does for most other Samsung TVs; this could be related to the fact that the MU6290’s remote also doesn’t have voice control.

TV Controls

There is a joystick on the back/right side of the TV that serves as the TV’s only physical control. Pushing the joystick left and right changes the volume, while up and down changes the channel; pressing down on the joystick brings up a menu containing a few icons, one of which gives access to the entirety of the Smart Hub.

In The Box

  • Manual
  • Remote
  • Batteries
  • Component adapter
  • Composite adapter


  • Power Consumption : 50 W
  • Power Consumption (Max) : 136 W
  • Firmware : 1151


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