Samsung UN55MU6290 Sound Quality

Samsung UN55MU6290 Sound Quality


The Samsung UN55MU6290 Sound Quality is an entry-level 4K smart LCD TV. It’s quite versatile thanks in part to its high contrast which gives it decent picture quality in a dark room. Its input lag is also quite low, making it a good choice for gaming. Unfortunately, its picture quality is greatly reduced when viewed at an angle, and it lacks support for modern features like a wide color gamut and local dimming.

Sound Quality

The Samsung MU6290 produces an acceptable sound, but it isn’t particularly enjoyable. It will do fine for watching the news, but replacing its integrated system with dedicated speakers or even a soundbar should offer a significant upgrade.

Frequency Response

Average frequency response. The Samsung MU6290 does a decent job of following our target response. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get particularly loud, and it does use some compression at higher volumes. Its low-frequency extension, while not terrible, is also not particularly good.

  • Low-Frequency Extension : 95.14 Hz
  • Std. Dev. @ 70 : 3.84 dB
  • Std. Dev. @ 80 : 4.07 dB
  • Std. Dev. @ Max : 6.63 dB
  • Max : 86.3 dB SPL
  • Dynamic Range Compression : 4.05 dB


Average distortion performance. The MU6290. just like its very similar sibling the MU6300 , produces fairly low amounts of distortion. Like most TVs, both THD and IMD rise almost  exponentially with volume, but it doesn’t reach a point where very distracting artifacts are audible.

  • Weighted THD @ 80 : 0.324
  • Weighted THD @ Max : 1.63
  • IMD @ 80 : 4.11 %
  • IMD @ Max : 22.56 %


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