Samsung UN55NU8000 Design

Samsung UN55NU8000 Design


The Samsung UN55NU8000 Design is a versatile 4k LED TV with good picture quality and HDR support. It also has great motion handling, as only a short trail follows fast moving objects and the TV can flicker to clear up blur. The smart features also work well and the platform is intuitive. The TV includes the Bixby assistant for voice control. Unfortunately, the picture quality degrades when viewed at an angle and vertical blooming is visible in a completely dark room.


The design of the Samsung NU8000 is excellent. Compared to the MU8000, the new stand feels very solid and has a slightly smaller footprint, although if you were planning on using a soundbar in front of the TV, you might have to make some concessions. There are new cable management guides cut into the back. The TV does not include the mini OneConnect box, all of the connections are towards the side of the TV.


The stand is very different than the ones on the two previous models (the MU8000 and KS8000). It is very similar to the stand found on the JU7100. The TV is very stable and there is very little wobble.

Footprint of the 55″ TV stand: 12.5″ x 31.4″.


Wall Mount : Vesa 200×200

The back of the TV has a textured finish very similar to last year’s MU8000. It has new tracks for cable management that are cut the entire width of the back of the TV. The VESA wall mount is 200×200 instead of the 400×400 found on most of last year’s models .


Borders : 0.35″ (0.9 cm)

The NU8000 has slightly larger borders than last year’s MU8000. The finish of the main bezel has changed from silver to black.


Max Thickness : 2.28″ (5.8 cm)

The TV is quite thin when viewed from the side, although it is slightly thicker than last year’s MU8000.

When wall mounted, the TV doesn’t stick out much which is good. The lack of the OneConnect mini means you will have more work if you need to change the connections, but you don’t have to worry about where to place the box.


Maximum Temperature : 96 °F (35 °C)
Average Temperature : 89 °F (32 °C)
The TV stays fairly cool even after extended use, only getting a little warm to the touch along the bottom edge where the edge light LEDs are located. The NU8000 has vents along the bottom edge so if you are planning on wall mounting the TV, you shouldn’t have any issues with heat dissipation.

Build Quality

The overall build quality is average, nearly identical to the MU8000. It is almost entirely made of plastic but feels solid. We haven’t experienced any quality issues.


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