Samsung UN55NU8000 Smart Features

Samsung UN55NU8000 Smart Features


The Samsung UN55NU8000 Smart Features is a versatile 4k LED TV with good picture quality and HDR support. It also has great motion handling, as only a short trail follows fast moving objects and the TV can flicker to clear up blur. The smart features also work well and the platform is intuitive. The TV includes the Bixby assistant for voice control. Unfortunately, the picture quality degrades when viewed at an angle and vertical blooming is visible in a completely dark room.

Smart Features

The Samsung NU8000 runs Samsung’s 2018 Tizen smart platform, also called Smart Hub.  However, the TV’s interface has choppy animations, even worse than last year’s interface, and there are sometimes ads in the TV’s home menu which can be annoying.


The TV’s interface is well organized and easy to navigate. Animations in the interface rarely lag but are frequently choppy and full of frame drops, even worse than on last year’s TVs like the Q7F.


There are ads in the home menu, and they cannot be disabled. They seem to come and go almost at random and are not present most of the time.

Apps and Features

Samsung’s app store has one of the largest app selections of any smart platform, though not quite as large as Android’s Google Play Store. App themselves run fairly smoothly, even smoother than the TV’s own interface.


Samsung’s smart remote is fairly small and has few buttons, requiring users to either navigate through the home menu to access things, or to use Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant feature. Bixby’s voice recognition works very well, and it can perform many useful actions on the TV: commands like ‘Change to HDMI 1’, ‘Set backlight to 25’, ‘What’s the weather like tomorrow’, and ‘Pause video’ all work well. Samsung’s smart remote can also act as a universal remote for other devices, even devices that don’t support HDMI CEC, using Samsung’s OneRemote feature.

Remote App

On Samsung phones the SmartThings app has a few additional features, such as sharing the TV’s screen with the phone, as shown in this screenshot. Although there is a microphone button in the app, and pressing it brings up the Bixby voice icon on the TV, we couldn’t make the TV receive audio from any of the three smartphones we tried.

TV Controls

The TV has only a single physical button, which brings up a menu that can power the TV on and off, control the volume and channel, and change inputs.


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