Samsung UN55NU8000 Sound Quality

Samsung UN55NU8000 Sound Quality


The Samsung UN55NU8000 Sound Quality is a versatile 4k LED TV with good picture quality and HDR support. It also has great motion handling, as only a short trail follows fast moving objects and the TV can flicker to clear up blur. The smart features also work well and the platform is intuitive. The TV includes the Bixby assistant for voice control. Unfortunately, the picture quality degrades when viewed at an angle and vertical blooming is visible in a completely dark room.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Samsung NU8000 is decent. This TV gets fairly loud and has a bass extension that is better than most TVs. Overall they have a well-balanced sound, but they don’t have a self-calibrating system for a more even bass responseĀ and could produce some compression and pumping artifact under maximum load. For a better sound reproduction, getting a dedicated soundbar is recommended.

Frequency Response

The frequency response of the NU8000 is decent, and very similar to the 2017 model the MU8000. The LFE (low-frequency extension) is at 67Hz, which is good and lower than what most TVs are able to reach. This means that the TV should be able to produce a decent amount of bass and punch. However, due to the lack of a self-calibrating system, it wasn’t able to remove the room buildup around 200Hz. The response in the mid and treble ranges are quite even and flat, ensuring a neutral sound reproduction. Additionally, the maximum loudness of the TV is above-average, but they may produce some pumping and compression artifacts under maximum load.


The harmonic distortion performance is about average. The overall amount of THD is rather elevated, but on there doesn’t seem to be a dramatic rise in THD under maximum load. However, the sharp peaks around 1KHz and 2KHz, could the make the sound of those frequencies a bit harsh and brittle.



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