Skull and Bones Gameplay 2018

Skull and Bones Gameplay 2018

Skull and Bones 

Skull & Bones is an upcoming action video game developed by Ubisoft Singapore and published by Ubisoft for release on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Q3/Q4 2018. The game revolves around piracy and naval warfare.

Skull and Bones Gameplay 2018




Skull & Bones is a tactical action game set in an open world environment and played from a third-person perspective. Players take control of a customizable pirate captain, and may choose to sail the Indian Ocean by themselves and set off on a single-player campaign, or accumulate up to five other players to ally or engage in combat with in Disputed Waters. Wind positioning can be assessed to gain an advantage in battle. Players may collect additional ships throughout the game, such as sloops-of-war, frigates and brigantines, whose weapons include mortars, broadside cannons, and rockets.

Skull and Bones Gameplay 2018 Skull and Bones Gameplay 2018

Ships can be charge into with brute force and board. The rate of inflict damage is gauge by the health bar. A core component is the multiplayer mode Loot Hunt, where two groups of players are challeng in treasure hunting to further accumulate their riches. Each given ship’s crow’s nest is scalable for use as a lookout point, and spyglasses can be avail of as well. Microtransactions will be an add feature in the game.


Sure, you have an avatar of sorts, barking commands at the crew as they scurry around the deck, manning the guns, trimming the topsail, and performing boarding actions, but you are very much in control of the ship rather than an individual on the ship. That means you won’t be disembarking and digging up buried treasure, and in that sense Skull and Bones is a more realistic depiction of pirate life. You’re a raider and a robber, essentially, striking fleets with little in the way of defences, and scarpering before the Sea Cops arrive.

Skull and Bones Gameplay 2018

There will be a singleplayer mode, but the mode playable at E3. Is clearly design as a team vs team game. Two pirate fleets, of five in this instance, seize as much loot as possible from NPC merchants and from each other. And then flee when the timer runs out and the hunters arrive. Carry a load of loot and you become a high profile target. And anyone sinking your ship can take the lot.


This leads to some nifty teamwork. If one ship in your fleet is weight down with pieces of eight. The rest should protect it rather than trying to hunt booty of their own, and if you are that ship. You’d best make sure you don’t lose track of your mates. Staying on course or in a pack. Is tricky because wind plays a big part in the game, allowing for high-speed chases. As well as causing clusters of ships to rotate and meander as if they’re navigating through molasses.

Skull and Bones Gameplay 2018

Beyond that mode, I have no idea what Skull and Bones will offer. There will be more, but it’ll most likely be in the form of other multiplayer modes. Rather than anything resembling a story. And remember – you are the ship rather than an actual pirate. So you’re not going to be courting the governor’s daughter or hanging around in taverns. It looks like Assassin’s Creed Black Flag ; Edward Kenway

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