Sony KD55X720E Review

Sony KD55X720E

The Sony KD55X720E  is a decent entry-level 4k TV with a better than average viewing angle and low input lag for gaming. It lacks the fully-featured smart platform found on other Sony TVs and instead, offers only a limited set of apps distributed through the Opera TV Store. Due to the mediocre picture quality in a dark room, it is better placed in a brighter environment where the less uniform blacks won’t be an issue.

Sony KD55X720E Specs

Model Number: KD55X720E
Model Year: 2017
Screen Size: 55″
Display Type: LCD
Backlight Type: Edge LED
Resolution: 4K UHD (3840×2160)
HDR (High Dynamic Range) Compatibility: Yes
Backlight Dimming Type: Frame Dimming
Clarity Enhancement: 4K X-Reality™ PRO
Color Enhancement: Live Color™ Technology: Yes
Dynamic Contrast Enhancer: Yes
Motion Rate: Motion-flow™ XR 240Hz (native 60Hz)
Smart TV: Yes
Operating System: Linux
Internet Browser: Opera
Application Store: Yes (Opera Store)
Photo Sharing Plus: Yes
Screen mirroring (Miracast™): Yes
USB HDD Recording: No
Dynamic Backlight Control: Yes
Digital Receiver: DVB-T/T2/C
Audio Power Output: 20 W
Speaker Type: Open Baffle Speaker
Dolby Audio Format Support: Dolby™ Digital, Dolby™ Digital Plus, Dolby™ Pulse
DTS Audio Format Support: DTS Digital Surround
Sound Processing: Clear Audio+
Simulated Surround Sound: S-Force Front Surround
HEVC Support: Yes (Up to 4k)
WI-FI Standard: Wi-Fi Certified 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Ethernet Port: 1
HDMI Ports: 3(2side, 1rear)
USB Ports: 3 (Side)
HDMI Audio Return: Yes
Audio Headphone: 1 (Rear)

Design Sony KD55X720E

The Sony X720E has a similar design to most other Sony TVs. It has the iconic central stand which supports the TV well and has a small footprint. Note that the 43″ model we reviewed and the 49″ model both have an external power brick, but the 55″ model does not. This may make the smaller sizes a bit more difficult to wall-mount depending on your setup.

The stand of the X720E is very similar to other Sony TVs. It has a fairly small footprint, so fits well on most tables. Despite the small footprint it feels sturdy and provides good support.

Footprint of the 43″ TV stand: 9.4″ x 21.9″

The rear of the TV is quite basic, and the majority of it is plastic. Most of the inputs run parallel to the back of the TV and so are fairly easy to access if wall mounted. There are a couple of inputs directly out the back of the TV that may be difficult to use when placed close to a wall.

The borders are quite thin, and look good. They are black plastic, like the rest of the TV.The TV appears a bit thick when viewed from the side. The thickest part is near the base of the TV, and as such it may stick out a bit if wall mounted.

Picture Quality Sony KD55X720E

The Sony X720E IPS TV has an average picture quality. When set in a dark room, the low contrast ratio and poor black uniformity make for a mediocre experience since blacks are not deep and look more grayish than really black. This is particularly noticeable when watching a movie with a lot of dark scenes. On the opposite, when set in a bright room, the X720E is far much better since it can get bright enough to fight glare and can do an okay job dealing with reflections.

The gray uniformity is good and dirty screen effect is not a problem on the X720E, which is good news for sports fans. Moreover, since the viewing angle is also good, this makes a good option to watch a big event with a lot of people as even when sitting off center, the picture quality is still pretty good. When it comes to HDR, the low HDR peak brightness, the lack of local dimming and lack of wide color gamut really hurt its performance.This means this TV is compatible with HDR but unable to display HDR content to its full potential.

Motion  Sony KD55X720E

The motion performance of the X720E is good. It has a decent response time, which results in only a short trail following moving objects. It uses DC backlight dimming, so the screen doesn’t flicker by default, but BFI can be enabled to add 120Hz or 60Hz flicker and clear up motion. Movies from a DVD or Blu-ray player can be played smoothly, but movies from cable or satellite boxes show some minor judder. The TV is able to interpolate content up to 60Hz for a moderate soap opera effect.

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