Sony XBR55A1E Design

Sony XBR55A1E Design


The Sony XBR55A1E Design looks impressive from the front due to the lack of a visible stand and minimalistic appearance. Unfortunately the TV does lean back at a fairly significant angle, but this isn’t too noticeable after a while. All of the inputs and the controls are located on the stand of the TV, and so can be difficult to access depending on the TV placement.


The rear of the TV extends outwards and forms the stand. It supports the TV very well (the screen itself makes up the front part of the stand) but does require a larger table than many TVs of the same size. Footprint of the 55″ TV stand: 13.0″ x 48.4″


The TV looks good from the back, with a fabric covered grill over the stand and built in speakers. This can be removed to reveal the inputs and wall mount. Unfortunately the body of the TV picks up lots of fingerprints on the reflective finish and the inputs are very difficult to access if the TV is against a wall.


Borders : 0.39″ (1.0 cm). The borders of the A1 are thin and look good.


Max Thickness : 2.64″ (6.7 cm). Although the stand extend quite far out the back, it folds in when mounting the TV. When folded in it will stick out a bit from the wall, but not too much. It also sits back at an angle when stood up, but it doesn’t take long to get used to. If wall mounted then this isn’t an issue.


The A1E is a fairly cool TV, never getting more than a little warm to the touch. The thickest part of the TV is in the center, which is also the warmest part of the TV. There is also a lot of heat along the bottom edge, which may contain some panel circuitry producing heat. Maximum Temperature:97 °F (36 °C). Average Temperature : 86 °F (30 °C).

Build Quality

The build quality of the A1E is great, and everything feels very premium. The TV can be a bit difficult to carry though, as the screen tends to flex if the stand isn’t well supported.


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