Sony XBR55X900F Smart Features

Sony XBR55X900F Smart Features


The Sony XBR55X900F Smart Features is a great 4k TV with impressive picture quality, especially in a dark room due to the high native contrast ratio and full array local dimming support. The TV excels at HDR as it can produce bright, vivid highlights. Motion handling is also excellent due to the fast response time and ability to flicker the backlight to clear up motion.

Smart Features

The X900F runs Sony’s version of the Android TV interface, which isn’t as easy to use as some other smart platforms but has a lot of apps, and access to the amazing Google Assistant. Android TV also has access to the amazing Google Assistant voice control feature, that can directly execute many commands on the TV like “open Netflix” and “how’s the weather?”.


The Android TV interface isn’t as easy to use as some other smart platforms. The home screen is very long, requiring a lot of scrolling in order to see everything. The performance is also quite inconsistent; sometimes the TV will open menus quickly and have smooth animations, but other times menus will lag for a second or two before opening, and their animations will be choppy.

Sony’s Android TV implementation has no ads, which is great. By default the first row of the home menu is full of suggested content, but this can be disabled in the TV’s ‘Home’ settings.

Apps and Features

One of Android TV’s strengths is access to the Google Play Store, which has more apps than almost all other smart platforms. The apps run fairly smoothly and with minimal lag, unlike the frequent mini-hangs of the main Android interface.


The X900F comes with Sony’s lower-cost remote with rubber chunk buttons, unlike the better remote that came with last year’s X900E. The remote is still very usable, and has more buttons than most remotes, at the cost of being larger than most remotes.

The remote can connect to the TV by Bluetooth so that its microphone can be used with the TV’s Google Assistant voice control feature. Google Assistant can perform a lot of actions on the TV, as well as interface with the rest of the Google ecosystem; commands like ‘open YouTube’, ‘switch to HDMI 3’, ‘pause video’, ‘how’s the weather’ and ‘turn off the TV’ all work well, though commands to change picture settings like ‘set the brightness to 20’ and ‘switch to Game mode’ don’t work.

Remote App

Sony’s ‘Video & TV SideView’ smartphone app has more functionality than Google’s Android TV app, but it’s still not as good as the apps of some other platforms like Roku. Sony’s app can act as multiple kinds of remotes, like a touchpad, mouse pointer or a clone of the physical remote buttons. The app can also use the phone’s microphone to send voice to the TV’s Google Assistant voice control feature, which is handy.

TV Controls

Like most Sony TVs, the only buttons on the TV are three small buttons on the back edge. This simple three button system can be used to change inputs, speaker volume and tuner channel, as well as act as the TV’s power button.

In The Box

  • Manual
  • IR Blaster
  • Remote
  • Batteries


  • Power Consumption : 64 W
  • Power Consumption (Max) : 108 W
  • Firmware : PKG6.5160.0144NAA


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