Sony XBR55X900F Sound Quality

Sony XBR55X900F Sound Quality


The Sony XBR55X900F Sound Quality is a great 4k TV with impressive picture quality, especially in a dark room due to the high native contrast ratio and full array local dimming support. The TV excels at HDR as it can produce bright, vivid highlights. Motion handling is also excellent due to the fast response time and ability to flicker the backlight to clear up motion.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Sony X900F is below-average. It does have a well-balanced sound, and it can get fairly loud. However, they don’t have any sub-bass, and they are prone to pumping and compression artifacts under heavier loads. So adding a sound bar to your setup would be beneficial.

Frequency Response

Average frequency response. It has a relatively deep bass, but not deep enough to produce deep rumbles (i.e. explosion sound effects). The frequency response is quite flat and well-balanced, however, the TV was not able to remove the resonances of the test room (high-bass and low-mid) due to a lack of self-calibrating system. Additionally, the TV does get pretty loud, but they could produce some pumping and compression artifacts near their maximum volume.

  • Low-Frequency Extension : 95.14 Hz
  • Std. Dev. @ 70 : 4.01 dB
  • Std. Dev. @ 80 : 4.40 dB
  • Std. Dev. @ Max : 6.81 dB
  • Max : 90.0 dB SPL
  • Dynamic Range Compression : 4.25 dB


Sub-par harmonic distortion performance. Similar to other Sony TVs we have measured, this TV has little distortion at low volumes. However, at maximum volume, the X900F produces a lot of distortion, but this kind of distortion won’t be very audible with real-life content (movies, music…).

  • Weighted THD @ 80 : 0.117
  • Weighted THD @ Max : 9.787
  • IMD @ 80 : 16.81 %
  • IMD @ Max : 72.21 %


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