Storm Drone Ninja 250 Multirotors


Meet the Storm Ninja 250 Ready to Fly Edition with CC3D Flight Controller
The Ninja 250 is a truly unique aircraft. It is 25% lighter than its competitors but maintains the same powerful propulsion system, giving you the best in flying experience simplicity. With a Storm M2204-2300 kv motor, 30A ESC and HQ 5040 propeller, the Ninja250 accelerates at rocket speed! The Storm-tuned CC3D flight controller makes the drone easy to handle, extremely stable and responsive, and offers such precision in its movement that you will have the confidence to go faster. With the Storm Ninja250, you will really feel the advantage of flying a lightweight chassis.

Storm Drone  Ninja 250 Multirotors

Drone Ninja

The Ninja 250 is as sleek as a panther, and every detail – from the PCB board mainframe to the feather-light aerodynamic canopy – has been well thought-out for keeping the overall weight down. The flight controller is integrated into the low-profile mainframe, thus minimizing the need for extra cables. Excluding battery, the Ninja250 weighs an incredibly portable 308g. With a 4S battery, the Ninja 250’s 2204-2300 kv motor and 5″ propeller. This drone can easily reach a 1:8–1:9 power-to-weight ratio.

The Ninja250 is a powerful quadcopter. That is ideal for both FPV (First Person View) and LOS (Line of Sight) flying. The Foxeer 700TVL CMOS camera, combined with the Storm 600mw high power video transmitter and an omni-directional mushroom antenna (all included in this package) provide the best possible piloting experience by allowing you to see real-time footage of exactly where the drone is flying.


  • Ultra-lightweight chassis, about 25% lighter than ordinary 250 class aircrafts
  • Powerful propulsion system from a 2204 motor with 5″ propellers
  • Carbon fiber and PCB mainframe to minimize wiring
  • Storm-tuned CC3D flight controller, giving you six different flight modes suitable across the board from absolute beginners to the most advanced racers
  • Easy Li-Po Access and adjustable C.G. for the aircraft
  • Able to carry an ActionCam (such as a GoPro 4, Mobius, or GoPro Session) with a camera mount*


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