Street Fighter 5 Monster Hunter World Gameplay

Street Fighter 5 Monster Hunter World Gameplay

Street Fighter V has begun its Monster Hunter World crossover event, offering a rad alternate Ken costume in exchange for going on a very Monster-Hunter-like quest for armor pieces. The ultimate result will be a Rathalos Armor set, but you’ll have to take part in special events every week through April 12 to unlock it all.

Completing the armor will work much like it does in Monster Hunter World. You’ll need to collect each piece to finish the whole set. Each piece will be available in Extra Battle Mode on a rotating basis every week. This week, the boots are available. Next it will be the gauntlets, then chest-piece, and finally, the helmet. Once you’ve gotten all four pieces you’ll unlock the alternate costume.

Street Fighter 

Street Fighter 5 Monster Hunter World Gameplay

This is the third and final announced Street Fighter 5 crossover, after Ibuki and R. Mika received similar monster duds. There’s a catch: each attempt at one of the challenges costs 2,500 in Fight Money per attempt. Assuming you can finish them all in one try, it will cost you 10,000 FM. If you need to retry some of the challenges, it could be significantly more.

The Monster Hunter series is well known for its crossovers with other famous video game franchises, and World offered a special Horizon: Zero Dawn crossover costume soon after launch. Just recently it detailed plans for its Mega Man crossover event, and announced a Devil May Cry event will be following sometime after. For most of its lifespan these extras seemed like a nice way to reward fans and raise interest in the niche RPG franchise. Now that Monster Hunter World is breaking company sales records, it may just be the other way around. If you like to read the other street fight review click on the ling  below Marvel VS Capcom Infinite Gameplay 2017


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