The HotTug A hot tub boat is coming to Regent’s Canal

The HotTug A hot tub boat is coming to Regent's Canal

Londoners torn between spending the afternoon in a hot tub or cruising down the Thames need fret no more as a new concept combining the two is setting sail for London.

The HotTug A hot tub boat is coming to Regent's Canal


HotTug – which sounds as though it were named after a few too many beers – bills itself as “the world’s first wood-fired floating hot tubs” and offers the capital the chance to spend 90 minutes floating their way down Regent’s Canal in the comfort of bubbly water.

Opening to the public from July 12, the experience has a permanent home at the Islington Boat Club, and has been bought to the city by Londoner Stuart “Tommo” Thomson, 31, and his business partner Jack Clegg, 32, from Preston.

The HotTug A hot tub boat is coming to Regent's Canal

Thomson, who first saw the hot tubs in Rotterdam five years ago, told the Standard: “I just thought, what a fantastic thing for London. It’s taken a while for this crazy, mad experience to get it here – finding the right site and that – but we’re almost there.”

The pair hope to be open 365 days a year, with Thomson adding: “It’s actually more fun in the winter. There’s nothing better than being in the hot water when it’s freezing out.”

The HotTug A hot tub boat is coming to Regent's Canal

Each 12ft hottug can hold up to seven and is fitted with an electric motor. That can power the tubs about at speeds of up to 2.6 knots (3mph). Each each hold 1800 litres of water.  Which is heated to 38 celsius by a small wood-burning stove at the bow of the boat.

Hot Tub Boat 

The tubs are approve by the River and Canal Trust. And are sturdy enough to have taken to the sea. As can be seen in the gallery and the group’s promotional video, both above. Thompson said: “Because they’re already full of water, they’re basically impossible to sink.”

Londoners should bring a swimsuit and towel. And there will be a shower on the docking site for guests to use before getting in. All guests apart from the driver can bring alcohol.

This isn’t the first time a Hottug, all of which are hand built by their inventor. Frank de Bruijn, have been in the UK. Since 2012, one has been available to guests at the Runnymede-on-Thames Hotel in Surrey for a splash on the Thames. However, Clegg and Thomson a have exclusive rights for all other boats in the UK and Ireland.

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