Top 10 horror movies of 2017!

10 horror movies

Top 10 horror movies list :

10. The Lure

Top 10 horror movies of 2017horror movies : The Lure a “coming-of-age story” born of her past as the child of a nightclub owner: “I grew up breathing this atmosphere.” Poland, the 1980s and the development of its leading young women provide a multi-genre milieu .In which the film’s cannibalistic mermaids can sing their sultry, often violently funny siren songs to their dark hearts’re content.

9. The Void

The first half of the film demonstrates much more restraint, building tension as triangle-branded cultists isolate a mismatched group of  innocent people. Kotanski and Gillespie build in too many potentially conflicting twists.But the grotesque practical effects and descent-into-Hell structure at times pass for a solid Silent Hill adaptation.

8. A Cure for Wellness

Detractors of A Cure for Wellness, a pulpy horror-mystery may point to the  familiar plot .But there’s little denying that there’s a lot of grim, juicy, creepy goodness .Those are in this tale of an isolated sanitarium and a disgusting old secret.

7. Life

It’s always fun to watch people shot deep into outer space only to come up against a horrific  force. Always! This “monster in outer space” movie doesn’t win points for originality. But we get a space station with six surprisingly interesting characters. One remarkably tenacious new life form, and a whole bunch of bone-crunching biological nastiness.

6. The Girl with All the Gifts

 The movie combines both genres into one tasty combo plate that’s unexpected at every turn. It’s about a group of survivors who accompany a young zombie into the wilderness after their facility is invaded. A weird one, but it’s also really quite good.

5. Split

It takes some real skill to turn a tired “girls trapped in a basement” premise into something novel, . Leave it to the suddenly resurgent Shyamalan to find some new angles on a story . Throw in some well-earned scares and a handful of weird twists you won’t see coming.

4. The Devil’s Candy

In The Devil’s Candy, a pleasant family moves into a Texas farmhouse only to butt heads with the home’s former owner. It doesn’t take long for the lean, mean stalker movie to erupt with terror. Is The Devil’s Candy a haunted-house story, a psycho-dad story, or an occult horror story?

3. Prevenge

Prevenge follows a very pregnant and unhinged woman who appears to be on a murder spree. It doesn’t take long for the viewer to realize that there’s a maternal method to her madness. Prevenge adds a unique shade to the horror-comedy spectrum.

2. Raw

A virginal vegetarian ventures to veterinary school, gets caught up in some truly strange hazing rituals.She quickly comes to reject her meat-shunning ways. Eventually, ground beef and chicken cutlets don’t cut it, and there’s some… cannibalism to speak of.

1. Get Out

Get Out tackles all sorts of uncomfortable social issues, and does so in a playfully freaky, and frequently insightful, fashion. The movie’s all about a young black guy who heads off with his white girlfriend to meet her oh-so-progressive family.She  realizes that something is very wrong with the racial divide in this sleepy little town.


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