Top 10 Movies of 2017 most recent you should see .

Top 10 Movies

                            Top 10 Movies

10 . The Saint 

Top 10 Movies
Top 10 Movies

Top 10 Movies .  International tycoon masters, Sajmon Templar, otherwise known as the Saints, are asked by a wealthy desperate man to find his kidnapped daughter. However, in addition to avoiding the authorities, Messy must face a dangerous opponent from his past. This movie rated by iMDb with 4.8 points .

9. Fabricated City 

A boy asks the help of his friends to clean up the name after being mistakenly charged for a crime he has not committed. This is a wonderful movie to see with so many action scenes and is rated by iMDb with 7.0 of 10 possibile .

8 . Legion of Brothers 

Shortly after the 9/11 attack, less than 100 US soldiers were sent to a secret mission to overthrow the Taliban. What happens next is a piece of war history story and warning story, shedding light on the influence of 15 years of constant battles. This is rated by iMDb with 5.6 points .

7. London Heist 

The thief and criminal, Jack Krigna, decides to uncover his father’s assassin and the person who stolen his stolen money, even though it means risking himself. On the path of revenge, Jack will reveal some truths that will change his life … This movie is rated by iMDb with 5.9 point.

6. Gifted 

Frenku i cili po e rrit i vetëm mbesën e tij gjeni, Merin, përfshihet në një betejë kujdestarie me mamanë e tij. This movie is rated with 7.7 by iMDb .

5. Transformers : The Last Knight 

Autobots and Deseptics are at war while the fate of humanity depends on the yarn of yarn. Optimus Prayer is gone. The key to saving the Earth is deeply buried underneath and together with the story of Transformers on Earth . Movie is rate by 5.3 by iMDb .

4. Going in Style 

Three elderly people risk their families to robbed a bank in order to pay their pension obligations. Movie is rated by iMDb with 6.7 of 10 possibile points .

3. Pilgrimage 

In the 13th century in Ireland, a group of monks had to carry a scary relic across the drenched Irish territory, to Rome. This is rated by iMDb with 5.9 points .

2. Dispicable Me 3 

Gru meets with his twin brother, charming, cheerful and successful, who wants to join him for a recent criminal blow. This movie is one of the top list and is rated by iMDb with 6.4 point.

1. My name is Lenny 

The true story of boxer Leni MekLin, also known as the “Governor”. This is one of the best movies rated by iMDb for this days and is rated with 7.4 points of 10 possibile .


This is our top 10 movies of 2017 most recent you should see but this is not the last one top 2017 movies , if you want to see other top ten we suggest Top 10 Comedy Movies of the Week .






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