TOP 10 TV 2017 Review

top 10 tv 2017

top 10 tv 20171. LG OLED E6 Series

TOP 10 TV 2017 . The OLEDE6’s incredibly slim ‘picture on glass’ design technique creates simply the most gorgeous TVs ever made. Each OLED pixel produces its own light and colour independent of its neighbours. Unprecedentedly deep black colours sit right alongside even the brightest HDR whites without a hint of light ‘bleed’ – something just not possible with current LCD technologies. The OLED E6 series delivers levels of contrast and light control just not possible with LCD.


top 10 tv 20172. Samsung KS9500 Series

Samsung was the first brand to introduce a TV capable of showing high dynamic range (HDR) in 2015, and it builds on that achievement  by delivering in the KS9500 series the brightnest TV the world has seen to date. Alongside some seriously powerful sound, it’s uniquely qualified to unlock the full potential of HDR, delivering incredibly life-like, dynamic and dramatic pictures that also contain more detail and colour information in bright areas than we’ve ever seen before.

3. Panasonic DX802 Series

Considering the Panasonic DX802 TVs sit just one rung below Panasonic’s flagship TVs (the DX902 shown below), they’re aggressively priced. Especially when you consider that their feature list includes an awesome-sounding 12-speaker external sound bar audio system, native UHD screens, support for high dynamic range playback, and a brilliantly simple smart TV system.

4. Samsung KS7000 Series

Samsung’s desire to bring quality HDR to a wider audience is epitomised by the KS7000s.

The combination of an ultra bright panel and Quantum Dot colour reproduction enables it to deliver levels of dynamism, colour vibrancy and punch with HDR sources that have to be seen to believed.The KS7000s make it easy to find favourite content via a new, improved version of Samsung’s Tizen smart interface, too.


5. Panasonic DX902 Series

For their money the DX902s are really in a class of their own. In a bid to deliver levels of light control beyond the typical capabilities of LCD TVs, the Panasonic DX902 has a new honeycomb panel designed to limit how far unwanted light around bright objects can spread.


6. Sony XD9405 Series

If you’re into movies and you’ve got plenty of space in your living room, Sony’s 75XD9405 is our favourite ‘giant TV’. For the vast majority of the time, though, the size and overall quality of the 75XD9405’s pictures creates a stunningly immersive experience that could well make the idea going out to watch films a thing of the past.


7. LG OLEDB6 Series

Which is handy when you’re talking about the sort of beautifully high contrast, colour-rich, HDR-capable, 4K pictures LG’s OLED TVs are providing this year.The OLED B6 pictures lack some of the refinement of the more expensive OLED E6 screens, and there’s slightly more potential for noise in dark areas.


8. Panasonic DX600 Series

Of this trio, we’re only recommending the 40-inch DX600. The 49 and 55-inch sets use panels which struggle to deliver contrast. The 40DX600, though, is a really appealing model for its sub-£500 price. Its native 4K screen produces sharp, clean pictures that benefit from an unusually assured contrast performance. Colours look bold, punchy but also surprisingly subtle.

9. TCL 65US5800

The first thing you’ll notice when powering on the TCL is a fairly crisp and rich screen, glimmering with a fun boot-up design. This image is representative of what’s to come: A middle-of-the-road 120Mhz refresh rate helps keep the TCL’s LED display moving along. This make TV good for faster-moving content like video games or sports.The second thing you’ll notice after powering on the TCL is that it’s also loaded with Roku’s smart TV interface.

10.Sony Bravia X930D

The X930D’s smaller build gives it an advantage: a centered stand that’s a welcome addition for people who prefer to perch their TV on an entertainment center. However, with a bulky power brick, this Sony isn’t going to be easy to hang, anyway.



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