Transaprent Speaker People People

Small Transaprent Speaker People People

Transparent Speaker .This was the original question People People began to examine in our Lab work; a regular slot in our working schedule that we use to explore problems and innovate solutions.

Small Transaprent Speaker People People

What began to take shape was Transparent Speaker, a loose evolution of a project one of our designers showed for his degree back in 2007. Stripped of all but the most essential functions, made sustainably and harnessing tech where needed, Transparent Speaker is a distillation of the things we feel make a speaker fit with our lives.


Crystal Clear Audio

The idea of having everything transparent is a functional as well as an aesthetic design thought. It’s a way of showing our love for quality materials, manufacturing and technology.

Small Transaprent Speaker People People

Enlisting the help of audio technicians early on, we’ve aimed for an acoustic state of playback. Called Transparent Acoustics, where nothing gets in the way of the act of listening. Music as it was intend to be experience.

We want you to be able to see everything as it works. Each pulsation of bass from the woofer, the tinkelings of the drivers, enjoy the satisfaction from the torsion drag on its knobs and that click of the power rocker switch.

People Products Community

For us it’s always been people first. And as our journey from a rendering to physical product shipping to all corners of the globe reaches its natural end, we’re happy that Transparent Speaker is continuing to entrance its owners.

Small Transaprent Speaker People People

Transparent Speaker has nurtured a community of socially-engaged souls. Who still reach out to us via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. They’re helping others who may be nervy about using our tool to have a poke about. Giving tips on streaming performance, even posting clips of their subwoofers pulsing. We’re also privilege to share in the first songs play when they unbox Transparent Speaker. WaterMat 2017 Crazy Summer Toy


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