WaterMat 2017 Crazy Summer Toy


WaterMat :For decades now, water toys have been a must-have accessory for many boat owners and water enthusiasts. From rafts and tubes to boards and skis, people of all ages have enjoyed floating, bouncing, or flying across the water.



WaterMat Company introduced a new way to have fun on the water. Since then, the WaterMat family has grown to over 16 products, including the original WaterMat EX Plus; its tougher, bigger brother, the WaterMat Shark; the lightweight and mobile Roll n’ Go; and the DoggyMat Plus.

WaterMat WaterMat WaterMat

  • The WaterMat EX Plus is the original and still the best selling WaterMat. At 22 feet long with grommets at both ends for anchoring, the WaterMat EX Plus is big enough for the whole family and then some. It’s perfect for the family that wants durable, safe, hassle-free fun on the water. Go straight from the WaterMat Company’s frustration-free packaging to a summer of fun in seconds.
  • The WaterMat Shark is even more durable than the original and is made specifically for camps, resorts, parks and families that play hard. The Shark can take anything you can throw at it. It’s 22-feet long just like the original but upgrade to the 26-foot version for maximum fun!
  • The DoggyMat Plus is for your furry family member who shouldn’t get left behind. Now fido can easily get back on the dock or boat from the water without any help. The DoggyMat Plus features a patented design that protects the foam from clambering claws while still being comfortable for the whole family to play on. Grommets are perfect for attaching to the dock, boat, or an anchor. The DoggyMat Plus is perfect for the family who loves their fur babies and wants to include them in the fun.
  • And then there’s the MaxRaft, a perfect replacement for old school diving docks. It’s lightweight, stowable, there are no sharp edges. At almost four inches thick, MaxRaft is thick enough for multiple adults to stand on. Use the MaxRaft for snorkeling, waterskiing, swimming, personal watercraft, and much more. Upgrade to the MaxRaft Plus for a marine-grade carpet top.


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