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zero helicopter

Zero Helicopter

There was a point in time when personal aircrafts seemed to only be feasible in the world of the Jetson’s, but as time progresses, it looks like these things could someday become a reality. Of all the concepts we’ve encountered up to this point, the ZERO Helicopter by Spanish designer Hector Del Amo is among our favorites.

zero helicopter

There’s literally not a single arrival in the world that would be more impressive than landing outside a venue in a single-seat helicopter. Unfortunately only a concept for now, let’s hope we’ll be able to pilot one of these bad boys sooner rather than later.

Created by designer Hector del Amo, the ZERO helicopter is a new take on the idea of personal transportation. While I’m unsure of how well this design. Could be translated into the real world, I’m enjoying the concept and design.

zero helicopter

Zero Helicopter Ideas

Personal use aircrafts would alleviate traffic congestion. Especially in bigger cities. But I would be a idea about flying in it since it seems like you’re just strap in. And there with no doors to protect you. Regardless, I do like the simplicity and compact look of the ZERO and, who knows. Maybe one day we will all be flying to work in our own personal helicopters.

Unfortunately though, the project was post on Behance without a lick of information. No details, no specs, nothing – nothing but a beautifully crafted personal helicopter that is. Sure we don’t know exactly what the ZERO is capable of, but it sure looks good. The concept is sleek and simple, with room for just one passenger – the pilot. It would be the perfect solution for flying to the office, soaring over all those suckers stuck in traffic.

zero helicopter

Behance, if you haven’t been there, is an online venue for artists and designers particularly students to showcase. Their ideas generate interest and support, build networks, and potentially attract investors.

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